Integrated Farm

is a pioneer commercial aquaponics consultant company in Qatar providing design, consultancy, construction, training & supervision for commercial farmers allowing them to  produce fresh, local, organic & chemical free premium fish and vegetables to the local market, beside our big scale commercial operations we are proud to introduce (AlphaGreen AP1.0 System) that will be perfect choice to small to medium scale operations allowing the owners to enjoy year round premium produce that is not only healthy but easy & enjoyable to work on, we will not only provide you with the necessary initial aquaponics education & training to be able to run the system efficiently our technical team will visit your system regularly for the first three months to assure maximum output out of your system in addition of free 24/7 remote technical support for another six months.

(AlphaGreen AP1.0 System) is a highly customizable Aquaponics system that is designed and built by (Integrated.farm) using best quality purposely fabricated fiberglass in all its components, it has been designed to perfection to assure maximum performance with less maintenance possible.


Working together with local farmers and investors designing, building, supervising, maintaining and managing their integrated modern farms assisting them in all aspects of the operations.


Creating a future where pure food is available for everyone to enjoy the health benefit of nature by
integrating state of the act modern technological advancements with the basic biology of the eco