There are lots of new people getting into aquaponics which is wonderful. When you choosing a consulting partner, make sure they have a proven track record in education, farm operations,  system design, project management and construction. 


we are always available to provide all information to our client and make everything very clear for them from the very start, our team will meet you as many time required to assist you .

Design & Technical Drawings

Preparing required technical information to our client such as architectural drawings, 3D drawing,
BOQ and farm layout .

Project Construction

We supervise and build the project our self according to the required specification assuring the accurate completion of the project.

Staff Training

We provide a full training program to your integrated farm operators teaching them the skills required running all important operations assuring the maximum production of your farm

Facility Management & After Sale Maintenance

We can manage your integrated farm from basic aspects to all related aspects such as water & greenhouse paremeters, food production , logistics, marketing and sales maximizing your profits and minimizing human errors that can be very costly, this also included in the after sale maintenance

Running Materials and Equipment

We will provide you will an materials & supplements that are important to sustain and run a productive integrated / aquaponics farm that is designed to assure that all water quality are perfect for plants, fish and microbiology in the system as well as supplying the plants with all required nutrients to thrive